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Beelance comes from the French word “Balance” which means “weight scale”.

Beelance is an autonomous and remotely connected weight scale for beehives 🐝. It can monitor the weight of beehives and send the data to a remote server. The communication is done through LTE-M, a special communication frequency for IoT devices which allows cellular coverage for more remote locations.



Firmware downloads are available in the Releases page of the project.

Firmware files are named as follow:



First time, flash the entire firmware which includes the partition table and all partitions: --port /dev/ttyUSB0 \
  --chip esp32 \
  --before default_reset \
  --after hard_reset \
  write_flash \
  --flash_mode dout \
  --flash_freq 40m \
  --flash_size detect \
  0x0 Beelance-VERSION-CHIP.factory.bin

Next time, just upload the firmware Beelance-<VERSION>--<BOARD>.bin through the web interface.


  1. Connect to the WiFi access point Beelance-XXXXXX and open a web browser to
  2. The first tine, you need to choose between AP mode or connect to your Home WiFi (this can be changed later).
  3. Go to the configuration page to setup your parameters
  4. Restart the device


How to build

Shopping list


Alternatively, you can buy:

WARNING: make sure to verify what you receive. The seller SAMIORE Store is quite reliable: I often buy electronic stuff at this store. I already received broken items or unfinished items from some other sellers.



Developer guide

Recommended IDE: Visual Studio Code with the PlatformIO extension.

Project structure

Building and uploading the firmware

pio run -t build
pio run -t upload
pio run -t monitor

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